Resin Flooring

A resin floor is a durable plastic surface, created by blending a selection of ingredients for a specific chemical reaction. The chemical reaction creates a very tough finish, ideal for the heaviest use.

The simplest form of resin flooring, a resin coating consist of Formulated synthetic resin, Separate hardener. As performance demands intensify resulting in an increase in resin floor thickness, the range of ingredients grows to include aggregates, pigments, decorative chips/flakes and in some cases, cement powder.

The Process; Most resin floors utilise a primer which penetrates into / reacts with the substrate to create a high strength and reliable bond which is essential to the longevity of the floor. The primer is typically followed by a main structural layer, often referred to as the bodycoat, which creates the bulk of the floor thickness and provides many of the key performance elements such as impact resistance, flexibility and compressive strength, as well as defining the decorative finish of the floor.

Most resin floors will be finished with 1 to 3 seal coats to encapsulate the body coat and decorative element of the floor and provide the final performance characteristics, such as chemical and wear resistance.